Affinity Wealth Services is now known as Alteris Financial Group.

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Senior Professionals

Our clients are diverse but they all have one thing in common – they work hard to build a solid future for themselves and their families.



Business Owners

We understand the commitment it takes to own and run a business while building a secure future for your family.



Self-Funded Retirees

When the time finally comes to enjoy the rewards of years of hard work, you can retire knowing your future is financially secure.



Aged Care

Aged care decisions are complex and the stakes are high. Affinity Aged Care are specialists and will assist you to make the right choice.


About Affinity Wealth Services


Affinity Wealth Services is a privately owned boutique wealth management company. We are experts in the fields of wealth management, aged care and accounting and we have spent 25 years helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

Our advisers are skilled and experienced financial experts with a proven track record in growing and protecting our clients’ wealth. We are proactive in our approach and ensure we are well across any changes in legislation and in navigating turbulent markets.


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