Affinity Wealth Services is now known as Alteris Financial Group.

Our philosophy is all about managing risk and returns.


Your financial goals are the starting point of a sound investment strategy.

At all times we employ a ‘Go to Cash Mandate’ across our investment portfolios.

Our investment strategies are proven, unique and based on rigorous analysis.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Affinity Wealth Services we tailor portfolio design to your individual goals and objectives. Central to our philosophy is the belief that clients should not take on more risk than they need. Investors who hold inappropriate levels of risk in their portfolios will suffer disproportionate capital loss in market downturns. No matter where we are in the market cycle, investors should only hold an asset that represents good value based on the future cash flow it is expected to produce. This applies whether the investment is in shares, property or fixed interest.

At all times we employ a ‘Go to Cash Mandate’ across our investment portfolios – this is what makes Affinity Wealth Services different to the rest. In the event of severe market stress, we will advise you to protect your capital position by moving to cash and fixed interest investments. We apply this process whether you are invested in direct assets or managed funds. We do not believe in remaining fully invested in risk assets such as equities in major market downturns, no matter how good the dividend. We also do not believe it is in a client’s best interest to remain in fully valued or overvalued investments.




This might sound complicated but our financial advisers are strongly skilled in guiding clients in managing risk. We explain how and why we manage risk in your portfolio, how we determine market cycles and what we look for when selecting suitable investments. This enables you to make informed decisions about the appropriate level of risk in your portfolio.


  • Stage 1: Volatility at the bottom of a cycle
  • Stage 2: Growth cycle – consider participating in rising market
  • Stage 3: Volatility at the top of a cycle
  • Stage 4: Market cycle decline – consider exit to cash/fixed interest to preserve capital

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